Project Management Certificate

Designed for the working professional who wants to focus on a particular area of study, the certificate provides a substantial base that can be used for career advancement or continuation in Lasell’s Master of Science in Management Program. Each Project Management Certificate is composed of five three-credit courses and can be completed within nine months.

Candidates to the certificate programs must hold a bachelor’s degree and submit an application for study in the graduate program along with all necessary documents.

Project Management Certificate - Core Courses (9 credits):
MGMT 714 - Principles of Project Management
MGMT 751 - Business Strategy
MGMT 752 - Change Management

Project Management Certificate - Electives (6 credits):
Choose any 2 courses from the Graduate offerings
MGMT 702 - Research Methods
COM 709 - Conflict Resolution and Negotiation
MGMT 713 - Fundraising and Development
MGMT 721 - Elder Care: Policy and Politics
MGMT 723 - Multicultural Issues in Aging
MGMT 727 - Senior Facilities Management
MGMT 728 - Human Resources Management
MGMT 729 - Elder Care Management Challenges
MGMT 730 - Health Management for Seniors
MGMT 741 - Marketing Research
MGMT 742 - Marketing Communications
MGMT 747 - Sales Marketing
MGMT 748 - Social Marketing
MGMT 749 - Ethical Theory in Management

Graduate Information Session
Wednesday, October 8 at 6 p.m.