Graduate Student Aid

Graduate students at Lasell College may qualify for several types of assistance.

Federal Direct Stafford Loans: Graduate students who are matriculated in one of our degree programs, who register for 3 or more credits during a semester may be eligible for this loan.

Students who wish to use the Stafford loan must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid by going to In some cases, when a student is selected by the Federal Government for verification, we will require signed copies of the federal tax return, W2 forms for the student and spouse if applicable, and the Federal Verification worksheet available at our Lasell Forms and Policies page.

Students may borrow up to the cost of attendance (tuition, fees, average living expense, books and supplies), up to a maximum of $20,500. This will be divided up equally over the entire academic year.

Example: Student is registered for 3 credits for Fall 1, 3 credits for Fall 2, 3 credits for Spring 1, 3 credits for Spring 2, 3 credits for Summer 1 and 3 credits for Summer 2 will have $3416 awarded in each of the 6 sessions.

Lasell College Alumni: Students who are former graduates of Lasell College may qualify for a 10% discount on tuition. The Student Financial Planning Office will determine if students are eligible and apply those funds toward the cost of attendance.

Professional Affiliation Discount: Students who are determined to have a professional affiliation in the Elder Care industry may qualify for a discount on tuition. The Graduate Admission Office determines if a student qualifies, and Student Financial Planning will apply the appropriate discount to the cost of attendance as applicable.

Federal Direct Graduate PLUS loan: In the event that a student needs financing above the funds available through the Federal Direct Stafford Loan, students may borrow through the Graduate PLUS loan. Please contact the Student Financial Planning Office if you have questions about this program. Note that students should go through the Federal Direct Stafford Loan program first and must meet the same guidelines as for the Stafford loan before qualifying for the PLUS loan.

Private Student Loans: Students who are matriculated at Lasell College and enrolled in a minimum of 3 credits may apply for a Private Student Loan. NOTE: We highly recommend students who qualify for the Federal Direct Stafford loan use that loan before applying for a private student loan as the cost of the Federal Direct Stafford Loan over the lifetime of the loan is less expensive. Students who wish to apply for a private student loan should visit to research lenders and their loan options.

Aid is disbursed to the student account after the add/drop period has ended for any given semester. For students combining consecutive mini sessions to equal one semester, we will wait until the add/drop period has ended for the second mini session before disbursing aid to ensure that students receiving federal loans are both enrolled AND attending the classes and subsequently are still eligible for the assistance. Students must enroll and attend the appropriate number of credits to maintain eligibility for federal loans. If students drop in advance of a term or session beginning, or do not attend a class that is being counted toward their eligibility, the aid may be adjusted or cancelled, resulting in a balance being due to the Student Accounts Office.

For information regarding withdrawals during the semester, please refer to our Lasell Forms and Policies page.

Our staff is available Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm (Summer hours Monday through Thursday) to speak with you by phone at 617-243-2227 or to meet in person, and we can also be reached by email at

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