Our Philosophy

Our Commitment

A college education is a lifetime investment. We strive to find the optimum combination of scholarships, grants, loans, work-study and payment options to make attending Lasell possible. Students must reapply every year for need based financial aid, which includes all grants, loans and work study awards. If students reapply on time, and there is no significant change in financial need for assistance, we commit to maintaining the same level of Lasell College funding in your financial aid package during all four years of attendance. Changes that could affect the aid offered may include changes in housing (changing from resident to commuter), changes in marital status, loss of job or not meeting academic criteria to maintain eligibility for a scholarship, etc.

Your Responsibility

Just as you would research and plan for the purchase of a car or home, it is imperative that you develop a sound family financial plan for your college education. You and your family will be expected to contribute a reasonable share of your educational expenses. Lasell College, the federal and state governments will assist where possible and with the aid for which the student qualifies. A sound financial plan will enable you to manage your costs and set priorities that fit your specific family circumstances.

Your plan should include a review of the following three areas:

  • Student expenses
  • Financial aid awards
  • Financing options - that draw on current and future earnings and savings.

News Highlight

Lasell Introduces Cross-Registration Program with Regis College, Expanding on Courses Offered  Monday, March 30, 2015Lasell College will begin a cross-registration program with Regis College this Fall, enabling undergraduate students to enroll in additional courses there at no additional cost. Lasell students will be able to add selected Regis courses to their Lasell schedule starting with pre-registration this April.

Featured Event

Graduate Information Session  Wednesday, August 20, 2014