Faculty and Staff Directory

Lindsay Fallon, Ph D

Kimberly Farah, Ph D

Office: Wass Hall
Tel: (617) 243-2135
Email: kfarah@lasell.edu

Pamela Faria, 
Exec Assistant to President

Office: Brennan Library Level 3
Tel: (617) 243-2221
Email: pfaria@lasell.edu

Kevin Farrell, M A

Maritza Farrell, M.S.A.E
Associate Professor

Office: Donahue Center
Tel: (617) 243-2416

Susan Farrell, 
Administrative Assistant

Office: Winslow Putnam Center
Tel: (617) 243-2331
Email: sfarrell@lasell.edu

Jeremy Fay, B S
Security Officer

Office: Lasell Village

David Feeley, M Ac

Email: dfeeley@lasell.edu

Mark Feltrup, B A
Police Officer

Office: Mt. Ida Public Safety

Sabrina Ferris, M S W
Clinical Counselor

Office: Edwards Student Center
Tel: (617) 243-2286
Email: sferris@Lasell.edu

Juliana Field, M A

Megan Finn, M S

Harvey Finstein, B S

Office: Off Campus
Email: hfinstein@lasell.edu

Nicholas Fiore, M S

Stephen Fischer, M F A
Associate Professor

Office: Yamawaki Center
Tel: (617) 243-2008
Email: sfischer@lasell.edu

Carla Flaherty, B A
Head Basketball Coach

Office: Athletic Center
Tel: (617) 243-2035
Email: CFlaherty@lasell.edu

Janice Fletcher, M S W

Office: Edwards Student Center
Tel: (617) 243-2145
Email: JFletcher@Lasell.edu

Annette Florczak, M B A
Visiting Asst Professor

Email: aflorczak@lasell.edu

Wendy Forgie, B A

Email: wforgie@lasell.edu

Sophie Foster-Fink, M A

Marc Fournier, 
Director of Plant Operations

Email: mfournier@lasell.edu

Adrienne Franciosi, B S
Director Grad Admission

Office: Hamel House
Tel: (617) 243-2214
Email: AFranciosi@Lasell.edu

Marie Franklin, M S
Associate Professor

Office: Donahue Center
Tel: (617) 243-2006
Email: mfranklin@lasell.edu

Richard Frederics, M S
Associate Professor

Office: 18 Maple Terrace
Tel: (617) 243-2153
Email: rfrederics@lasell.edu

Dennis Frey Jr, Ph D
Associate Professor

Office: Winslow Putnam Center
Tel: (617) 243-2444
Email: dfrey@lasell.edu

Gretchen Friend, 
Administrative Assistant

Office: DeArment
Tel: (617) 243-2391
Email: GFriend@Lasell.edu