Faculty and Staff Directory

Patrick Hagan, B A

Office: Plummer House

Sarah Hager, M A
Lasell Village Lecturer

Office: Lasell Village

Farrah Haidar, M A

Kathleen Halecki, Ph D

Email: khalecki@lasell.edu

Monica Hall-Porter, Doctorate
Assistant Professor

Email: mhall-porter@lasell.edu

Lorraine Hammond, M A

Moonsu Han, Ph D

Office: Brennan Library Lower Level
Tel: (617) 243-2059
Email: mhan@lasell.edu

James Hannon, M B A

Paul Hannon, Certificate
Licensed Trade HVAC

Office: Lasell Village
Email: phannon@lasell.edu

Tamecka Hardmon, M Ed
Associate Registrar

Office: Potter Hall
Tel: (617) 243-2133
Email: thardmon@lasell.edu

Gregory Harjula, 
Head Baseball Coach

Office: Athletic Center
Email: gharjula@lasell.edu

Celeste Harring, 
Asst to Dean

Office: Lasell Village
Tel: (617) 663-7055
Email: CHarring@Lasell.edu

Kristen Harrington, B S
Associate Dir of Data Services

Email: KHarrington@lasell.edu

Robert Harrington, M Ed
Area Coordinator

Email: rharrington@lasell.edu

Wesley Harrington, B A

Email: wharrington@lasell.edu

Joel Harris, 
Police Sergeant

Office: Winslow Hall Lower level
Tel: (617) 243-2269
Email: JHarris@Lasell.edu

Tara Harris, 
Volunteer or Unpaid Intern

Email: tharris@lasell.edu

Mary Hart, B A

Email: mhart@lasell.edu

Elizabeth Hartmann, Ph D
Assistant Professor

Office: Brennan Library Lower Level
Tel: (617) 243-2177
Email: ehartmann@lasell.edu

Julia Harwich-Pettinato, M Ed
Academic Advisor

Office: Bancroft House
Tel: (617) 243-2030

Marisa Hastie, M S
Associate Professor

Email: MHastie@lasell.edu

Neil Hatem, Ph D
Assoc Professor Chair

Office: Wolfe Hall
Tel: (617) 243-2364
Email: nhatem@lasell.edu

Cristina Haverty, Ed.M
Assoc Professor Chair

Office: Wass Hall
Tel: (617) 243-2131
Email: chaverty@lasell.edu

Burke Hazard, B S
Head Soccer Coach Men

Gwendolyn Heaner, Ph D

Wayne Hederstedt, 
Licensed Trade HVAC

Office: Buildings and Grounds
Tel: (617) 243-2460
Email: WHederstedt@Lasell.edu

Barbara Helfgott Hyett, M A

Eileen Heneberry, M S

Office: Brennan Library Lower Level
Tel: (617) 243-2466
Email: eheneberry@lasell.edu

David Hennessey, M Ed
Dean Student Affairs

Office: Edwards Student Center
Tel: (617) 243-2478
Email: dhennessey@lasell.edu

Maryn Herberg, B A
Data-Communication Specialist

Office: Hamel House
Tel: (617) 243-2226
Email: mherberg@lasell.edu

Patricio Hernandez, Ph D

Email: PHernandez@lasell.edu

Dean Hickey, B S
VP Development & Alumni Rel's

Tel: (617) 243-2141
Email: dhickey@lasell.edu

Amanda Hitchcock, M S

Frederick Hoffman, M A

Office: Wass Hall
Email: fhoffman@lasell.edu

Timothy Holmes, M A
Director of Client Services

Tel: (617) 243-2200
Email: tholmes@lasell.edu

William Hoover II, 

Email: whoover@lasell.edu

Teresa Houston, B A
Major Gift Officer

Tel: (617) 243-2165

Parkman Howe, Ph D

Michael Hoyle, 
VP Business & Finance

Office: Eager House
Tel: (617) 243-2100
Email: mhoyle@lasell.edu

Michelle Hubbard, 

Office: Mt. Ida Public Safety

Tiesha Hughes, 
Assistant Director

Email: THughes@lasell.edu

Jaimee Hugo, B S
Library Night/Weekend

Office: Brennan Library
Email: Jhugo@lasell.edu

Tyler Hundley, B S
Asst Coach Basketball Men

Thomas Hunt, B A
Assoc Dir. Student Fin Plan

Office: Potter Hall
Tel: (617) 243-2227
Email: thunt@lasell.edu

Sandra Hurwitz, 
Lead Teacher

Office: Rockwell Child Care Center
Tel: (617) 243-2335
Email: shurwitz@lasell.edu

Robert Hyland, M A

Office: Wass Hall
Email: rhyland@lasell.edu