Faculty and Staff Directory

Candice Obraztsov, M Ed
Sr Asst Dir Grad Enrollment

Office: Hamel House
Tel: (617) 243-2234
Email: CObraztsov@lasell.edu

Kevin O'Brien, MA

Joanne O'Connor, M.S.

Email: jooconnor@lasell.edu

Kathleen O'Connor, Ed D
VP Enrollment Management

Office: Potter Hall
Tel: (617) 243-2225
Email: KOConnor@Lasell.edu

Patrick O'Connor, BA
Director Conference and Event Services

Office: Edwards Student Center
Email: pmoconnor@lasell.edu

Jennifer O'Keefe, MS
Nurse Practitioner

Office: Edwards Student Center
Email: jokeefe@lasell.edu

Jennifer OKeeffe, JD
Dir Legal Affairs & Title IX

Office: Eager House
Tel: (617) 243-2065
Email: jokeeffe@lasell.edu

Mauricio Oliveira, 
Maintenance Village

Office: Lasell Village
Email: moliveira@lasell.edu

Jacob Oliver, MFA

Thomas Olson, 
Head Volleyball Coach Men

Office: Athletic Center
Tel: (617) 590-5765

Patrick O'Neill, MA
Head Men and Women X Ctry

Frantzley Oriol, JD
Security Officer

Jessica Orlando, MA
Career Counselor

Office: Edwards Student Center
Tel: (617) 243-2307
Email: JOrlando@lasell.edu

James Ostrow, Ph D
VP Academic Affairs

Office: 70 Maple Street
Tel: (617) 243-2112
Email: jostrow@lasell.edu

Yu-Ching Ou, M Ed
Assistant Professor

Office: Brennan Library
Email: you@lasell.edu